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Train2Perform develops it programs in accordance to the individual athlete and the demands of the game. Each program consists of Strength Cards for gym-based workouts with the primary aim of developing explosive strength and power and Conditioning Cards to ensure you are in game shape throughout the season.

Every single program is periodised to the athletes game and training schedule, to help ensure you are in peak physical condition come game time.



After an initial consultation, either online or via Skype, you will be sent your tailor made twelve week training programme, complete with targets, progress trackers and more.

Throughout the twelve weeks, T2P offers optional mid-programme consultations to ensure you’re hitting your targets and make any appropriate adjustments to help you reach your athletic potential.


No Training facility, No problem

If you don’t have access to a professional training facility, then it’s no problem, all programs are based on the facilities and equipment you have access to.

Every program comes with video links to exercise demonstrations and coaching videos.



If you don’t have much experience in a gym environment or you don’t think you know how to do certain exercises then don’t worry Train2Perform offers regular communication with your coach and allows the opportunity to ask questions, make training adjustments and check your progress.


The Service

This service offers professional Strength & Conditioning Coaching at an affordable rate and offers a %100 money back guarantee.

If you are not happy with the service then we will simply refund the difference, no questions asked.


Train2Perform Training Programs

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